Saturday, January 24, 2009

Post card from a-x the world! and other stuff.

It's a long week end here in Australia. Loving that we have a bit longer to relax (and scrap a bit).

I think my Digital camera thinks I no longer love it. I haven't taken any photos (bar some for this blog/ Scrapping sites) for a while now. Not sure where the inspiration has gone to. I normally will take photos of anything!! And with so many people on the 365 day thing, it doesn't really help. And then to make matters less likely for me to take photos, it looks like I can only take 20 photos before I have to download photo's. And I have a 2GB memory card in it. Not sure what's wrong. Will have to take it in to see why....

So on other news, a while ago I sent me name to Sue to help her get to one of the 30 things to do before she turns 30... I love getting written notes. The man leaves me some around the house from time to time and then my mom sends me some news from South Africa (no, she doesn't have internet access... there is some people left in the world that doesn't have access ;-)) 

And can you believe Sue has been to Perth!! I know, I know. Perth is a big place, but someone from Oslo, Norway that has been to so many places to have been to the place I now call home. Blogg-land makes the world so much smaller. I think she is still looking for names. So if you want a postcard, head over to Sue's blog and send her a mail.

And lastly, I have added a bit on the left, we're I'll leave links to blog candy/ RAKs that I come across while on the net.

Well, of to scrapping. 


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