Saturday, January 24, 2009

Post card from a-x the world! and other stuff.

It's a long week end here in Australia. Loving that we have a bit longer to relax (and scrap a bit).

I think my Digital camera thinks I no longer love it. I haven't taken any photos (bar some for this blog/ Scrapping sites) for a while now. Not sure where the inspiration has gone to. I normally will take photos of anything!! And with so many people on the 365 day thing, it doesn't really help. And then to make matters less likely for me to take photos, it looks like I can only take 20 photos before I have to download photo's. And I have a 2GB memory card in it. Not sure what's wrong. Will have to take it in to see why....

So on other news, a while ago I sent me name to Sue to help her get to one of the 30 things to do before she turns 30... I love getting written notes. The man leaves me some around the house from time to time and then my mom sends me some news from South Africa (no, she doesn't have internet access... there is some people left in the world that doesn't have access ;-)) 

And can you believe Sue has been to Perth!! I know, I know. Perth is a big place, but someone from Oslo, Norway that has been to so many places to have been to the place I now call home. Blogg-land makes the world so much smaller. I think she is still looking for names. So if you want a postcard, head over to Sue's blog and send her a mail.

And lastly, I have added a bit on the left, we're I'll leave links to blog candy/ RAKs that I come across while on the net.

Well, of to scrapping. 


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sad, sad, sad day

Today this became a reality. It's always sad when it happens, but today a few of my friends and a lot more people lost their jobs. Ravensthorpe and Mount Keith are part of the division that I work in. Very bad day in the office. There is so many people that will be affected by this. 

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rak arrived.. and lovin' it.

Today I received the RAK I won from Tania Willis. LOVE it. Especially the buttons. And the Xmas theme is spot of for the scrapping that needs to happen soon. Can't believe how expensive international postage is....

Peter cleaned the house. Nice to walk into a clean place.. love it.



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So I won this wonderful RAK from Amy (and yes, I feel a bit sorry for her re the posting charge, but will so help with it).

But just have a look at the video of her son drawing my name. ABSOLUTELY love it.
Thanks so much, Amy.


BTW can someone tell me how to link other peoples photo's to mine? And videos?

Fisheye photos..

A photo from York.

And Lancelin

The park at Two rocks... Not sure I like it. A tad strange for me. But sure makes different photos.



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Monday, January 12, 2009

Some scrap candy up for grabs...

Kim has some blog candy to give away to celebrate being awarded Papercraft Essentials Papercrafter of the year 2008 and having over 5000 (YEAH!!) hits.

Bev is giving away some really lovely stuff to celebrate 100 000 (hell bells) hits.  This is open to the 17th.

Sally is celebrating 39 (yes, 39) years of married life.. Running to the 13th.

Cindy is giving away some goodies, cause she reached a 1000 Now let me tell you, even that is far of for me... If you're into stamping, you shouldn't miss this one.

Well, thats the update for today.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Scapping: HMITM 97

Here is a scrap page from today. For HMITM

The challenge is to use 9 circles on a LO. I've used 9 types of circles.
1) Ink
2) PP in the shape of circles
3) Circles on printed paper
4) Wooden item
5) Brads
6) Gel embelly
7) Buttons
8) Rubbons
9) Ribbon with circles on it.

Maybe I went overboard...



Happy. Happy. Happy.

Yesterday I saw that one of my LO's, was selected as LO of the week over at 3 Angels Scrapping. That you Heike. 

The LO that was selected. 

Happy, happy, happy...



Scrapping layouts

Ok, here goes: 
My brother and his girl:

LDS, a friend from Uni:
Audrey, a friend from work:

A photo we took with the holga camera:

Photos Peter took with the fisheye camera. The story behind this is that Peter seems to get his finger in a lot of the photos he takes => his trad mark.


First off, here is a photo Peter took with the fisheye the other morning. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. 

Peter has decided that we don't have enough photo's of me... so on the trips in December, he took some more of me.. Here is one.. Not 100% sure that I like it.. the eyes freak me out some times when I look at it.. And it would appear that the face pulling is my new pose for photos.
On Wednesday this week, one of the ladies that works with me, said thank you for help. Not sure I deserve them, but sure was the biggest surprise.  So funny, everybody at work wondered if it was my birthday... 
And then when I got home, Peter gave me these. First flowers he gave me since we've been in Australia.. and then on the same day!!
Especially loved the pic of the boxer that came with the flowers.... 

Ta for now.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

The excitement in the air...

After years of thinking I should submit my LO's to something (as lets face is, nobody is objective about their own work), I did the first page today:

You can find it here, on two peas and here on 3 Angles Scrapping. (thanks to Ellen, Deb, Heike and Debbie D for the love at 3AS)

OOOO, the excitement.

Also, pop over to Sue's blog, she has a HUGE Rak up for graps.



Saturday, January 3, 2009

Two more days of the Write stuff

A sneak peak from day two of the online class I'm taking from Jen Hall.
I think this is the most I have ever written on a layout. And I love the colours. I think this is one of my fav colour combo's.

We're having a really lazy day at home, as tomorrow we're back to the grind. Ahhhh!! And as Nat said, it is really really hot here in Perth.

On another topic, I thought I'd share some of my fav's from
1) Tea for Bini. Love the vintage feel of the items, and especially these Magnets.
2) Letters for Lilly. How freaking cute are they?
3) And if I have long hair, one of these from Olive Farm.
4) This year, I get some cards from Megan Isabella for someone. Or maybe even a print.
5) This journal.
6) I don't normally look for jewelry, but this makes me wish I did.
7) Vinyl Wall Design. So gonna get one when we move into a place of our own.

Well. That's me for now.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Randomness... (Is that a word??)

Today we got our first comment on this blog. I never understood before why people go on about people commenting on their blogs, but now I do. Thanks Danice! Excited!

Yesterday I started an online class with Jen Hall - the w
rite stuff. Hopefully by the end of the month I should be better at writing and sharing (and not just pic). Here is a part of the first LO I finished today. (Not sure how much I can share). I see you can still join the class, just mail her (see at the link above). So looking forward to see what everybody have done with the first day's class.

Road tip...
Yesterday, we went for a road trip. Lancillin and Two Rocks.... the long way round. Got so lost and the 120 km's took us 3 hours!! Will post photo's once I have then developed (yes, developed. We took the fisheye with and so have to have the film developed before we can share). 
I drove all the way... LOVE IT > Now for a lot of people this might not be a big thing, but seeing that we do not have a car, and I love driving, loved the drive yesterday. Tomorrow the hire car has to go back.

One other thing that I'm thinking of doing is the "Project 365". See Becky's blog for more info. Not sure I'm gonna be able to get my hands on the kit, so will have to do something like it, but not the kit.

And lastly:
Starving artistamps are giving away some of their new stamps. Love the DoodleFactory Valentine ReMix. Sooo cute.

Well, laters